About “Vytalis”

Meet Peter, the driving force behind Vytalis. He brings with him a wealth of experience in all things Health & Fitness, Strength & Conditioning, Sport & Athletics, and overall performance. A United States Marine Corps veteran, Peter intimately understands the essence of pushing through challenges. It was during his time in service that his fascination with Psychology ignited, revealing the intricate connection between mental fortitude and performance. Peter's coaching philosophy is simple—it's all about the human element. Drawing from his background in Psychology, he values the uniqueness of each individual, acknowledging that each person possesses their own distinct set of capabilities and limitations. His method isn't solely focused on how bodies respond physically; it delves deeper into understanding how minds react during training and in all facets of life beyond the gym walls. By tailoring strategies that align with both physiology and cognition, Peter unlocks exceptional results for his clients.

What is Vytalis

Vytalis, derived from the Latin 'Vitalis' meaning 'Vital,' embodies a spectrum of qualities found in the term 'vital.' It transcends mere physical prowess on the gym floor; instead, it delves into the conquest of the mind and spirit—forces that propel us in the physical realm. Vytalis encapsulates not just strength but essentiality, significance, energy, vibrancy, passion, and paramount importance. It's a philosophy that rejects the notion of living passively. Our focus lies in pursuing excellence, fueled by unwavering passion, and forged by unyielding resilience. We are the trailblazers, challenging the boundaries of our craft, consistently going beyond the expected. Vytalis represents those who dare to push limits and thrive where others falter, embodying a commitment to surpassing what seems impossible.



We provide clients with comprehensive online coaching and the opportunity for in-person sessions (location dependent) for completely personalized programming & coaching, nutritional guidance, and psychological support, ensuring that clients can thrive on their fitness journey, regardless of their location around the globe.
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1-1 Coaching

Our specialized training programs cater to athletes of every level, focusing on sport-specific enhancements in athletic performance. We tailor conditioning strategies to match the distinct demands of diverse sports, fostering strength, speed, and endurance to optimize athletic prowess.
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Sport Specific Training

Gain exclusive access to training and mental performance insights with our experienced coach through personalized, paid one-on-one consultations.
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Performance Consulting Calls

Group coaching sessions fostering a sense of community and motivation, where like-minded individuals come together to achieve their fitness and personal development goals, creating an atmosphere of camaraderie and shared success.

Elevate Yourself with Like-minded Individuals

At Vytalis, we believe in the synergy of the mind, body, and spirit. Our services are therefore designed with every training session tailored specifically for you, whether in person or online, to empower you to conquer your inner and outer challenges.


I graduated from college in December of 2022 and began doing capital advisory for a global insurance brokerage firm. My life began to feel mundane and unfulfilling and I felt like my only goal was to make it to Friday. In April of 2023, I needed a change so I began regularly training mixed martial arts. I found that my speed and natural flexibility were valuable assets in mixed martial arts, but I needed to be stronger, so I turned to Pete for guidance. I called Pete and explained my situation, he carefully listened to my goals and created a custom program tailored to my individual needs and skill level. Throughout the duration of the program, Pete and I would have weekly phone calls where we would discuss my progress, nutrition, and anything about that program that I wanted to change. When I injured my shoulder, Pete modified my program and was always there to answer any questions that I had. Pete’s program made me truly understand the psychological benefits of goal setting and daily exercise. The program has allowed me to have noticeable improvement in my mood, motivation levels, and sleep. I wholeheartedly recommend Pete to anyone who is looking to improve their overall fitness and achieve their goals.

Shane C.

"I've been a lifelong fitness enthusiast and began training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu last year. I immediately started looking for ways to improve my performance on the mats and used several different programs to try to achieve this goal. I wanted to be stronger, faster, more explosive, and increase my stamina. I found it incredibly hard to find a program that would help me reach all of these goals. After months of feeling stagnant in my performance in the gym and athleticism on the mats, I turned to Pete. Pete quickly designed a program tailored to my goals. Rather than following a typical "squat-bench-deadlift" approach to strength development, Pete's program revolves around sport specific movements to develop strength and explosiveness. These movements coupled an efficient approach to cardio development have translate directly to the mats. I feel stronger, more explosive, and have better gas tank than I did before. One aspect of Pete's coaching that sets him apart is how diligent and responsive he is to the clients needs. While working with Pete I sustained knee and lower back injuries. Pete immediately worked with me to develop a rehab protocol and adjusted the program so that I could still continue training while rehabbing. Outside of working with me on injuries, Pete routinely checks in to provide guidance and incorporate any feedback I may have for him. Pete's responsiveness and guidance has been critical to my progress and recovery as an athlete. Pete's training extends to the psychological as well. An athlete's performance is just as dependent on their mental resilience as it is on their physical prowess. Pete's aware of this and has provided excellent guidance on improving my overall mindset on the mats, in the gym, and in life in general. For any athlete looking to improve their performance in the gym, on the mats, or in the ring. I highly recommend Pete's services. You'll be hard pressed to find a better coach anywhere"

Caleb R.